Split a Document into Columns in Google Docs

As a cross-platform, web-based service, Google Docs is the go-to solution for many when it comes to creating and hosting personal files and documents.

When used barebones, it can act simply as Notepad with version control for all of your jotting needs. For advanced users, though, it’s so much more.

We previously wrote about how you can change a document to landscape orientation in Google Docs, but one of the lesser-known features available in Google Docs is the ability to split your document into multiple columns.

This is great when you’re writing something like a pamphlet or newsletter, and Google Docs supports creating documents with either two and three columns. It’s very simple to set up, so let’s look at how to do it.

How to Use Multiple Columns inGoogle Docs

To get started setting up your multi-columndocument, click on the Format menuoption and hover Columns on theexpanded menu. Here, you’ll see icons of pages with one, two, and threecolumns.

These three page icons give you what you wantat a glance, but clicking on MoreOptions… offers more control over your page’s layout.

On this screen, you can select between one,two, and three columns, the space (in inches) between each column, and if thereshould be a visible line separating each column. Click Apply to save your changes when done.

Here’s how a two-column document using0.5-inch spacing and a line between columns looks:

You may want to more evenly distribute yourtext across each column, and that’s possible by using a column break.

To do so, click on the Insert menu option and hover Breakon the expanded menu. Here, select ColumnBreak with your cursor inserted at the exact location where you’d like fortext to break after.

You also aren’t forced to split your entiredocument into columns. By selecting a block of text and then repeating thesteps above to create a multi-column page, you can break up only the selectedtext into columns.

If you ever want to completely revert the multi-column formatting of your entire page or a block of text, simply click on the icon of the one-column page in the Columns menu under Format.

Google Docs has grown to become one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Word, and the multi-column functionality it provides is very simple and easy to set up. For more comparisons between the two text editors, check out our article on Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word .